Sunday, August 15, 2010

tacking and jibing and heeling, oh my!

I spent two hours on the Hudson last Friday, with a sailing instructor and one other passenger. I've never even been a passenger on a sailboat before, yet here I was, manning half the boat. The passenger and I took turns with the front and back sails.

We sailed an 18 foot boat; yes, this one:

After the instructor explained things like the no-go zone, beating, and tacking, I was put in charge of the jib sail and rudder first. We didn't put up the main sail till we'd both had a turn there. We headed up the Hudson, into the wind.

I took my only chance to grab a few photos in the time while my fellow passenger was in control and before the main sail was up.

I was able to snap a few quick photos of the river. Looking west at New Jersey.

Again, at New Jersey.

Looking north to the George Washington Bridge; NJ on the left, NYC on the right.

One more shot looking across at NJ.

And I snapped one quick shot as we headed back down the river on the way to pier 66. This is NYC on the left, NJ on the right, and a very tiny dot at the end is actually the Statue of Liberty.

This was so incredible; I haven't had a better time with complete strangers in my entire life. I have found my calling, and it is sails and water. I'll be back out there again, as soon as I can drum up the bucks.

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ladyk73 said...

Aww... my good friend races on lake erie...actually...bugger...I haven't been on the sialboat yet this year! I actually thought sailing was a little boring...and then...we raced. hee hee.... now that is sailing! Racing with 50 other boats...we came in 3rd place in our 10 boat "division"