Friday, February 05, 2010

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?

Even if it leads nowhere...

Although classes began last Thursday, this was the first full week of classes for the semester. Hence, the word crazy could be used to describe the goings-on. Last minute syllabi, overtallied courses, not enough desks, nervous students in 101, more savvy students in the upper level courses.

An example of the hilarity: Last night, student A came to me after class to lodge a complaint about Student B, who apparently sat next to Student A. According to Student A, Student B "farted constantly, slept through the whole class, and smelled like booze." Student B, incidentally, had missed the first day of class completely. Of course, Student B slipped out while I was speaking with other students, but I don't think I would have confronted him/her anyway. Everyone gets one chance. But if it happens again, there will be a discussion -- no one shows up drunk or hungover for my classes.

I stayed late at work today, mostly because I wasn't paying attention. I didn't have my watch today, because of something that happened earlier that had me frazzled. Anyway, I was hard at work and looked up at the time on the computer and it was 8:30! So I packed it in, and then spur of the moment decided to pop into a classroom where a fellow prof, a part-time adjunct, had just finished class, and chatted with him for about an hour. While we were in the classroom, the mice came out to play -- literally. And I teach in that classroom too...shudders.

Today I spent the morning at home instead of work because I was waiting for a fedex delivery. It turned out to be a really good decision, because there was a minor disaster just as I was getting ready to leave. The elderly woman above me had apparently turned on her kitchen faucet and then forgotten about it. I noticed when it started raining water from my bathroom ceiling, literally as I was walking out the door.

So being there meant I could call the super. Of course, he was at work, but his wife came over, saw the mess, and went upstairs to find out what happened. I was able to put down heavy towels, put the roaster pan under the remaining drips, and unplug all the appliances. All seemed well, but when I got home, I turned on the bathroom light and noticed it seemed 'off' somehow. It was more yellow, and not as bright as it should be. I checked the light, and saw a drip or two of water coming down, so I thought I'd take off the light fixture and check it out.

Whoa, baby! As I unscrewed the screws holding up the upside-down glass bowl fixture, hot hot hot water began to spill out. The fixture had filled up completely with water earlier in the day, and when I turned on the light, the heat nearly boiled the water. Of course I'm scared now, as there is white foam all over the wires and the ceiling, so I'll have to have the super check it out tomorrow.

So, no surprise that I blew it and bought something bad for dinner. It was late, it'd been a rough day/week, and I felt like I'd been doing really well with my food plan for the last couple of weeks. I picked up a pepperoni roll on the way home, walking in the front door about 10:30.

And I'm beat.

And very glad I get to sleep in tomorrow.

photo mine, from the ziplining ecosafari...this is one of the aerial bridges we zipped can still see the holiday lights hanging, from their holiday evening zipping tours

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