Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it's a long way down the holiday road

Three courses down (final grades submitted to registrar) and one to go. I'll read most of the material tonight, but I'll have to run into the office tomorrow afternoon to pick up a few last-minute submissions in that class.

Then some cleaning around the apartment, laundry, and packing tomorrow night, and on the train Thursday AM for Florida. All I can say is the sun had better shine, shine, shine while I'm there. I might also get a chance to touch base with friend Pooh, who moved back down there the first of the year.

I've railroaded myself into a corner though, in terms of vacation time. I jumped at the chance to serve again as a peer reviewer for the Corporation for National and Community Service grant cycle. I have nine -- yes, nine -- grants to review and complete an individual reviewer sheet with my notes. The grants are shorter than typical, as these are additional, short-term grant projects, but I have to have the reading and reviews done by the first of January.

This means that I either read them all in a marathon session on the train -- which was supposed to be my relax and catch up on sleep time -- or do a couple each evening while in Florida, after fun in the sun.

Either way, I did it to myself. Why? Two reasons. First, I'm not one to turn down a $700 stipend for work I usually find enjoyable. Second, I'm always concerned that I'm not doing enough for tenure, and this looks good under professional activities.

Back to reading/grading for now. And probably some Ben and Jerry's.

photo mine, a typical stack of student papers on any given weekend

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ladyk73 said...

It is a long train ride.....you would be surprised at how much you will enjoy having work on it