Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Where else can you get the munchies, decide to make a run to the store for chips and donuts, not have to get in your car, not even have to cross the street, and be back home in under ten minutes.

Literally right around the corner, there's a grocery store, a chinese/mexican fast food place, a pharmacy, a hardware store, a nightclub (for the young crowd), a couple of small bodega/deli-types, a laundromat...


(photo is not mine, but these fire hydrants really are around the corner -- they are a bit faded now though)

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fellahere said...

I once saw a photo blog that was journaling all the types of toppings on iron gratings, fences, you know, so the owners have to put tops on them to prevent people from sitting on them all day. Things that poke up but are still legal in NYC.