Sunday, February 01, 2009

speaking of shoes

Because when am I not thinking about shoes?

I decided with my federal tax refund (what, you haven't filed yet? Dudes, I not only filed, I got my money on Friday) that I would buy a few decent pairs of shoes. You see, I love shoes, but have a wide foot, and payless -- my shopping choice for shoes -- hasn't had the wide sizes as often as I'd like.

So I went online and found wide sizes at Jessica London and ordered about seven pair. The total was $199, but it seemed to be worth it if they fit well.

But, I was also concerned about customer reviews that the shoes didn't have enough cushion on the bottom. See, I have plantar fasciitis, and I really should be wearing orthotic inserts, but since they don't fit in most shoes, I go without. I sort of knew that I should be wearing good orthopedic shoes, or my feet in ten years won't be able to hold me up. But my vision of orthopedic shoes was that they were butt-ugly.

Anyhoo, I wandered onto a site called Footsmart, and after scrolling through the horrors of the typical orthopedic shoe, I began to find some that weren't so bad. Actually, some of them were quite cute. Really. I mean, look at these:

And these aren't even the really pretty ones, just those more in my price range. I mean, I only got these six, for about $300, in comparison to the 7 for $199. But everything on their site is supposed to all be comfy, wide, and meant for people with foot problems. I won't know till I try them, but I'm hopeful. And if they work, and I can walk without constant foot pain, I'll probably send back the JL shoes and buy a couple more pair from this site.

Yes, I know, they aren't my heels. And I'll keep my heels for dress-up. But still. For everyday wear, these might kinda rock.

Pretty shoes.

That fit.

And feel good.

And look good.

Whoo hoo!!!

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Blythe said...

I'm behind on reading so for now ... I'll exclaim yay for new (and comfy) shoes!