Friday, February 06, 2009

same as it ever was

So...I was up early to walk to the auto body shop to pick up the car so that I could drive to quest diagnostics, and after that to the hospital for the ultrasound.

Some of the blood tests ordered were to be done fasting, so I had nothing to eat or drink before starting out at about 8:45 this morning. Two miles of walking, a trip to the gas station, and eight test tubes of blood later (yes, eight: three purple, three white, two blue) I headed to the hospital (conveniently right across the street from both quest and my doc) for the ultrasound on my leg. At least one of the tests my doc requested is intended to rule out arthritis. Which is important since I'm still in a great deal of pain, and there's no blood clot.

Yep, the verdict is no blood clot. Whoo hoo!

And I was so hungry that my first stop after the hospital was KFC.

Rugrat was thrilled to have the car to drive to work today. Then it sputtered on the way home and died. She managed to get it home, but it drove rough the whole way. See, the body shop doesn't really do engine work. Those are two different things.

Sitting for six weeks in this cold without being driven probably didn't help. And we can't get it to the mechanic till Monday, but rugrat needs to get to work the next two days. And we'd really like to stock up on food at costco so that we don't keep grabbing fast food.

I love my car, I love my car. Really, I do.

When I don't hate it.

And grandma. Grandma. I knew it had to happen eventually. And I love rugrat 1, and will love his child of course. But damn. Grandma.

David Byrne

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Anonymous said...

I love my children more than life itself, but....I don't want to be called ANYTHING with the word 'ma' in it!