Thursday, February 05, 2009

it's all random

When you eat a jello pudding cup, do you use your finger on the insides of the container to get every bit of chocolaty goodness? I just did -- in my office, where anyone could have walked in and seen me.

When you delete an email your yahoo spam box, a warning pop-up box asks you if you're sure you want to delete. Why don't we get the same warning box when we delete an email in our inbox -- the folder with the emails we're most likely to want to keep?

Is anyone else crushing on Barack? Am I nuts to think he's kinda good looking? Even worthy of a fantasy or two?

Did you know that after taking only three Zestrils (over three days, not all at once), your high-blood-pressure-induced headache will be completely gone and you'll be a totally new person in a way you haven't felt for about a year, with a brand new outlook on life? Even your colleagues will notice that you seem peppier.

Dominos has a new specialty pizza called the Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch(TM) that is particularly awesome. I mean it. Try it and see.

I get my car back tomorrow morning. Just in time to stop by the outpatient services at the local hospital for an ultrasound of my leg to rule out another blood clot. Please think happy karma thoughts for me. Another round of anti-coagulants is not on my list of things to look forward to. High blood pressure meds -- in a flash. Anti-coagulant -- not so much.

Can you say cold? I knew you could. It is -1 without the wind chill today. And it's supposed to be 51 on Sunday.

According to UPS tracking, both sets of shoes in the previous post were delivered this morning, after I left for work. Tonight is officially designated as try-on-new-shoes night. Of course, since there is still frozen snow, not to mention slippery ice, all over, I won't actually be able to wear a pair tomorrow. But perhaps on Sunday...although of course, that kind of heat (ha ha -- 51, that kind of heat) will melt everything, making for a mucky mess. I'm not wearing new shoes out in that.

I am officially killing time because I don't want to prep my lecture for class...which now officially begins in 41 minutes.

For some reason, the old monkees theme is running through my head. Don't you hate that? So I went to youtube to find a clip from their show, with them singing the them song. BUT, I can find the music with no video, or video of the show with another group actually singing. But not them singing, with video from the show. Am I asking for a lot? I don't THINK so.

But I did find someone on youtube who put the song to beatles' video. It's kind of funny.

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