Saturday, February 21, 2009

and what will you be doing this weekend?

My work for the weekend. If I think about it, I'll cross them off as I get them done.

1. Record points in gradebook for study guides in policy course. (finished 7:30 pm sat)
2. Read journals in skills course and record grades. (finished 10:00 pm sat)
3. Read take home exams in internship course and record grades. (finished 1:40 am)
4. Read informative papers in intro course and record grades.
5. Write exam 1 for intro course. (finished sunday 5:30 pm)
6. Write exam 1 for policy course. (finished sunday 8:00 pm)
7. Develop an alternate final assignment for internship course for students whose placement doesn't allow for the assignment currently required. (finished 2:35 am)
8. Write letter of reference for student applying to NYU.
9. Create computer in-class research project for intro course.
10. Prep for Monday courses.
11. Clean apartment, do laundry. (so far, I've managed to do the dishes and order pizza for dinner)(sunday: 1st load in washer 1:20 pm, 2nd load in washer 1:45)
12. Work on MFD. (not bloody likely)
13. Touch up grey roots (hey, I have my priorities). (finished sunday, 1 pm)

So...what are YOU doing this weekend?

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