Friday, December 26, 2008

I want to be the one to walk in the sun

There's a blogger on another site who writes a 'thankful friday' post just about every week (yes, I'm talking about you, kat, just in case you should happen to drop in). In the post, she tries to find something to be thankful for about the preceding week. I've had a fairly rough week, but I thought perhaps if I get the not so cool things off my chest, then I could end with what was good about the week.

So, here goes:

I finished the semester last friday, leaving home at 8 am and arriving back home at 1 am. I went to bed for about 12 hours, then woke up with a cold/flu virus and spent christmas on major otc meds to fight sinuses so clogged my teeth ached, eyes matted shut, a cough that made my chest ache, and those muscle aches one gets in the back with those kinds of viruses. I'm only now feeling human, and now rugrat and her bf are catching it.

Rugrat was in a fender-bender on christmas eve at a local mall (a tiny woman in a big jeep backed her car up right on top of the front of our car; with a car behind her too, the rugrat couldn't move). And of course, the driver has high risk insurance, which is notoriously slow at paying out claims (hence our six weeks without the car a couple of months ago). And since it was 6 PM christmas eve, the insurance office is closed, and I can't even file a claim until monday morning. Not much visible damage, but there is a problem that makes it undriveable. So I'm without a car. Again.

Also on christmas eve (day), the washer broke. So we wound up dragging everything to the laundromat. Just before rugrat left for the mall. So, now we have to use the laundromat, but don't have a car to get there. Or, I can fight with the other nine families in our complex for the one washer in the basement. Lovely.

Two of my credit cards sent notices that they will be raising the APR. I can go with the flow and continue to use the cards at the new rate, or refuse the rate and my accounts will be closed, and I'll continue to pay them off at the old rate. Which means I'll now have four credit cards that are closed to prevent higher APRs, that I'm still trying to pay off, but that I can't use in emergency situations.

So, what am I thankful for?

The semester is over!!!! Ok fine, I still have prep for next semester, but still. It's over!!!

I finally met with my MFD committee earlier this month, and they didn't disown me like I thought they would. In fact, they are very supportive, since they know full well I'm teaching double the course load they are teaching.

I actually got rugrat number 1's presents in the mail before christmas. And the egg donor's too. And I survived another long phone call from the egg donor without exploding or imploding.

Despite being sick, the three of us got up and all did our part on making those homemade enchiladas and pico de gallo that we do for christmas dinner. And it was great, despite feeling crappy. Over dinner, we watched a movie that the bf had given rugrat as a gift (Crash).

I talked to rugrat 1 for a whole hour and a half this evening!!! He's such an incredible kid man, and I am so proud of him.

I'm sleeping in every day and slowly getting caught up on sleep.

I plan on finally doing two more installments in the runaway series (soundtrack of my life) over the next few days (just for you, my anonymous reader!). And hopefully, a few more posts that aren't a litany of complaints or updates, but that actually allow me to be creative.

Cyndi Lauper, Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun):


fellahere said...

Well, let me wish you a Happy New Year, and let you get back to sleep.

Colleen said...

Hope this week was better than last...Happy 2009!!