Saturday, November 15, 2008

just shoot me now

So, the car.

Sensing a theme here?

When the body shop finished all the work on the car, it suddenly stopped running. The engine would turn over, but it wouldn't come on. They determined that it was the (a) computer. A new computer would have run $700 big ones, on top of what we were already paying for our 20%. We just didn't have that kind of money laying around. But then the shop said they had found a used computer for $75.

Now computers aren't like other parts that can be replaced with something used -- the replacement computer has to have the same exact part number as the computer you are replacing. Miraculously, it did -- and they checked it carefully. We even passed state inspections three days later.

Last Saturday, after taking rugrat to the airport, the check engine light came on. It was driving alright though, at that point. I took it into my regular mechanics, and they said the TCM (computer controlling the transmission) had a P1613 code, which meant I had to take the car to the hyundai people and would probably have to replace the computer. Don't ask what that would cost.

But since we had just replaced another computer, it was also possible that the two computers simply weren't communicating with each other because of the replacement. Or that the used computer had a problem. It would be difficult to know until the dealer checked it out.

So, I took the car home on Wednesday and parked it for the rest of the week. I went out just a bit ago to do some grocery shopping, and the car started roughly, puttered, and died. And wouldn't turn on again. The engine turns over, but it doesn't start.

So here I sit, still without a car, with no money for computer replacements. No dealer open on the weekends to even call and talk to their mechanic. And I would need a tow to get there anyway.

And I'm supposed to pick up rugrat at the airport Monday morning.

There's a limit to how many things can be piled on to one person.

Sometimes it doesn't make you stronger at all, it just makes you...oh, never mind.

Excuse me while I go have a good cry.

You get no music or photos or colours on this one...I'm at the limit of my positivity.


ladyk73 said...

Oh lord...that damn car! Seriously, okay after this will work!

Lady Prism said...

Oh'...I hope things get to be better next week.

Take care.

Spring said...

The local mechanic says that that particular computer wouldn't stop the car from starting, which means it must be something else. So tonight, the rugrat, her bf and I will be pushing the car the three blocks to the mechanic shop and leaving it in their parking lot so they can look at it first thing in the a.m.

Spring said...
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