Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the first vote

I got up early and voted before work this morning, since I didn't know for sure if I'd be home before 9 (last night I wasn't home till 11).

This one was special though, as rugrat voted in her first ever election. I'm kind of glad that her first election was a presidential one; I think it made her look forward to voting in a way she might not have otherwise.

I went online last night and printed out a copy of our local ballot, so I could go over the other 'electibles' for our county -- which included a state senator, a state assemblymember, a US representative, a county judge, and something called proposition 1. I wanted her to know that voting wasn't just about the president, and that local elections were just as important -- dare I say, more important? -- than the presidential election.

In NY, we still use those manual machines (in Westchester, the Sequoia ImageCast), so we pull a red-handled lever to close curtains, flick several small metal levers, and then pull that red handle once more to finalize our vote and open the curtains. I rather like those machines -- I don't think I'd like voting with computer screens at all.

The rugrat didn't want to go by herself today, and since I wouldn't have been home in time, and she works this evening, she -- the girl least likely to open her eyes to the light of day before noon -- got out of bed and went with me at the ungodly hour of 8:00 this morning. That's how excited she was to cast her vote for Obama (she said it's very sad that his grandmother didn't make it to see him elected President).

Of course, she then went straight home and straight back to bed.

Oh well...can't win them all.



ladyk73 said...

Hey... I voted on a booth that looks just like that! :O) Must be a NY thing!

I triple checked to make sure I voted for Obama.

Blythe said...

My little cousin voted for the first time today and was so excited. But she did call me later to ask what was up with the propositions.

I think local elections are more important but most people look at me strangely when I say that.

fellahere said...

What a memorable election to start with. :)

Anonymous said...

When do we get another Soundtrack of My Life?

Spring said...

ladyk, definitely a NY thing on the booths.

blythe, yeah, I don't get how people can't see the importance of local elections.

fella, yeah, it was great to have her first be a first for the country. I've never watched speeches in full, but waited for the sound bytes the next day. But this time I sat on the sofa with rugrat and her bf and we watched McCain's and Obama's speeches.

Anonymous, hmmm. Well, you've probably noticed that my postings here have become much fewer than in the past. It's hard to find time to write when I'm putting in 12 hour days. Some days I can feel the stories in my mind clamoring to come out, but I fall asleep before I can get them typed. I must admit you have me curious. Maybe you could make me a deal...I'll write another runaway series post, if you email and tell me who you are. My profile has an email address... Whaddaya think? Are you game?

Anonymous said...

Perfer to remain anonymous, but I've followed your blog from the very early days.

Spring said...

I understand. I'm thinking I'll have time over the thanksgiving break to do another soundtrack.