Sunday, October 19, 2008

the little red car that couldn't

The auto body shop called me on Tuesday. They said that they would do all the work on the car, even though it would cost more than the insurance company's estimate. Why? Because if they tried to pass the additional cost on to the insurance company, the company would have just totaled the car out and left us with no car at all.

The auto shop was not going to ask me to pay the extra over my 20% either; they were planning to take a loss on anything over the approved total. When have you ever heard of an auto company doing that? I wish I could plug them here, but that would give away my location.

Well, then they called me on Thursday afternoon. They were going to pull the car back into the shop to finish the work so that the car would be ready on Friday. The problem: even though the car had been running previously, now it wouldn't start. It turned over, but it wouldn't start. Their mechanics had no idea what the problem was. They were calling me to see if I'd put some cut-off theft deterrent device on the car that could be causing the engine not to kick in. Of course, I hadn't.

I didn't hear from them at all on Friday. What do you think the odds are that after all the work they've done on the car, the fucker won't run?

We are now four weeks without the car. Four weeks of no grocery shopping. Four weeks of rugrat living at her boyfriend's mom's house. I think it's getting old for the bf's mom. I don't know how much longer rugrat will be a welcome sight over there. And I don't know what we'll do when she can't stay there anymore. She won't be able to get home from work otherwise.

How can something so simple fuck things up so badly?

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Good news, we finally have it back! New post coming soon.