Friday, October 03, 2008

life can be bright and beautiful, sunshine and daffodils

I had the car towed to the body shop this morning. I went to the same place as three years ago, when the woman in the SUV backed into me. I liked them, and they are on the side of the client in insurance claims.

The final verdict (or maybe not so final) is that they assessed the damage at $1700. Unfortunately, it was done by pricing salvage parts that were available when the assessment was done, nine days ago. Whether those parts are still available is anyone's guess. This was done in an attempt to prevent totaling out the car. One problem is that the assessor didn't look at the engine, and it is running very roughly. There may be much more costly work to be done, and we won't know until the body shop checks it out. So really, it's still up in the air if it will be repaired or totaled.

They have decided that the fault split is 80/20. They came to this conclusion because the insurance person asked the rugrat if she could have steered the car to the right (where normally cars are parked) to avoid the accident. Rugrat's response was pure 18-year-old: ummm, I don't know, I guess so. So because she failed to avoid the accident, we have to pay 20% of the repair costs. And if the repair costs go above $1700, our cost goes up as well.

Two weeks without a car, and counting. And what do I do when the going gets tough? I buy food. And eat. So I went by the grocery store and got stuff. Like pringles and dr pepper. And stouffers french bread pizza. Right now I'm eating spreadable sharp cheddar on 'stoned wheat thins' (I kid you not; and I wish I were...stoned that is...ok fine, and thin). And I have ben and jerry's for later. And a people mag with Newman on the cover.

Apropos of nothing: having the medical assistant at the doc's office tell you, when you step off the scale, that you 'don't look like you weigh that much,' really isn't a compliment. You know?

On the other hand, the doc was great. When I said I've been avoiding workouts because of the pain (I haven't blogged about the pain yet), I mentioned that I know that's not much of an excuse, 'cause no pain, no gain, right. His response: sure, but if your body is in new kind of pain, it's often an indication that something needs to be looked at.

The pain? Since last year and the anticoagulants, I've had serious knee and hip pain, even when I'm just walking. I expected it to get better when I went off the meds, but it's been getting worse. Now the pain radiates out from the knees and hips, moving through the entire thigh. And it doesn't just happen when I am physical; several times a week, I'm in pain without doing much of anything. And you all know I'm a masochist, so if I say it's pain, it's pain.

Work: now that I'm tenure-track, I've had to add serving the department and the college. I'm on the committee that is responsible for student activity funds -- in fact, I got stuck as secretary. I fucking hate taking notes and typing them up; and I owe them minutes for two meetings that happened two weeks ago.

I'm also on our college's version of a teaching and learning center. On the board, that is. And co-chair of the programming committee. Right now, we are supposed to be getting faculty to present scholarly topics, and developing questions for the president's coffee hour in november.

I'm also adviser to a student club, in which some mind-boggling passive-aggressive behavior is going on that I simply can't be arsed to deal with. And I have papers to grade in one class, and two weeks of papers to grade in another. I am hopelessly behind, at only 1/3 through the semester. And don't ask about MFD progress.

High points of the week: after my thyroid ultrasound on wednesday, I went by the library to find some good zen music, and had a hard time staying in the limit of what I can check out.

Check these out:

Van Morrison, the Healing Game
The Stones, Flowers
Norah Jones, Come Away With Me
Cher, Essential Collection
Hootie and the Blowfish, Cracked Rear View
Blues Traveler, Four
Josh Groban, Awake
Liz Phair
Adam Sandler, they're all gonna laugh at you (dudes, I couldn't resist -- it's got the lunchlady song and the thanksgiving song)
Herman's Hermits, retrospective (it's herman's hermits, y'all! Did I ever mention that I saw Peter Noone in concert, back in 1973; he opened for the jackson 5, which was the worst pairing I can think of...the people who came to see J5 certainly didn't come to see Noone...but I was in heaven)

My life really has become something with a soundtrack in the background, just like in the movies. I have the zen on constantly, but never loud because of ear pain from a chronic sinus condition. It's on low enough that I could carry on a conversation with someone. So it really is music in the background as I walk -- or stumble -- through each day.

Thursday evening I left work after dark, and walked out the front door of the building. I never know quite what I'll find when I leave work, as I tend not to be where there are windows while in the building. Thursday, the sky was black, but it was amazingly clear. So I walked out and was greeted by the brightly lit tops of the tall buildings (like the woolworth building) crisply outlined against the black sky. It was incredible, and I just stood there for several minutes staring up at the sky.

My accompanying soundtrack of the moment was norah jones, come away with me. And as I looked at the sky, a random image of leaning back against someone, his arms around me, and feeling the warmth of his body against my back as we both appreciated the moment entered my mind. And I went with it, and enjoyed it for what it was. And I'll end on that particular high note.

(title is a line from the movie 'once upon a honeymoon,' 1942, cary grant and ginger rogers -- below is the scene in question, it starts about 5 minutes in)

(and this is norah)

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Today I saw a HALLOWEEN Moon. It was the biggest crescent I ever saw!

A black cat crossed my path this that bad? She had on a collar, does that count?