Friday, October 24, 2008


...would pay off my student loans in full.

And leave me with about $10,000 and change for rugrat's college fund. Which is exactly what the college determined my 'family contribution' should be when we didn't get any student aid.

Sarah Palin is wearing the equivalent of my entire student loan debt.

And rugrat's two-year community college degree.

What is wrong with this picture...


fellahere said...

what's wrong with this picture.


Dean said...


Good lord.

I'd be able to do a hell of a lot of work on this house. Maybe convert the attic into a small apartment for my brother. And I'd still have more than enough left over to get him the extensive psychiatric help he needs (right now we can only afford two appointments a month).

I hope she spoils her special needs child as much as she spoils herself.

Spring said...

fella, yep. Everything.

Dean, the thing that makes me furious is it wasn't even her money. It was party money, spent over a two month time period just for her clothes.

She claims she didn't know how much was spent on her (someone else was doing the actual shopping), but I don't buy it.

First, they wouldn't likely have removed the tags off anything until they were sure the items would actually fit.

And even if they did remove the tags, clothes like that have labels that distinguish them from the kind of stuff I can afford to wear, and she can read labels (at least I hope so).

ladyk73 said...

yes...but she is just a hockey mom ya know? WTF.

I just cannot believe people would vote for her for president ( McCain has some hard statistics against him).

She has zippo experience

SmellsLikeSnake said...

There is an expression in England - mutton dressed as lamb -seems appropriate. Hopefully in a few hours time we will all be asking what will Tina Fey do next week.

Infinitesimal said...

Giiiiiiit the fuck outta here!!

I'd pay off my debt and have enough to 4 year degree my adopted 20 year old (just turned)