Sunday, September 07, 2008

viva craig's list!

I blogged earlier about selling the elliptical machine and my LMSW study guides for car repairs, but I've been culling through stuff in anticipation of next spring's move, and popping things on to craig's list since then.

Little to big, the item doesn't matter if it nets me more than it would if I gave it to goodwill.

So, I've sold one of our bikes:

Two file cabinets:

Wireless network cards for a pc and laptop:

Oops, already deleted that photo.

The cell phone I bought before my hospital stay last year, which I never liked; I went back to my old phone. Doesn't matter that it's 6 years does everything I want. I got back almost what I'd paid for the phone after discounts and rebates.

And today, one of rugrat's Barron's study guides -- the SAT guide.

The difference between C.L. and ebay is no fees for advertising, and I can ask for cash and make them come pick it up -- no paypal charges, no getting things to the mailbox. And everything I make goes into a jar for the move.

Commencing countdown, engines on...destination NYC!

I found this on youtube -- it's the original 1969 video of the song:

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