Saturday, September 20, 2008

the damage

The damage starts at the rear door and extends to the front of the car.

It's worse in the front.

And it's bad enough at the front that the frame is rubbing against the tire; it would have to be towed to the repair shop.

And what happens if the repairs are more than the car is worth and they just give me a check for blue book on the car? I get nothing, and I have nothing. Basically, we're fucked.


ladyk73 said...

Oh, fuck fuck fukity fuck. That blows.

I think for a $50 fee you can but back your car and your title may indicate that it is "junked"

You can then use that money to pay someone to get the frame of the wheel and then you can drive around sporting a new look.

You can spray paint flowers on the car no one will notice the dents!

trin said...

Oh Spring... :( I'm sorry.

Infinitesimal said...

take solace in the knowing that your namesake here has been having a crap couple of months as well

thanx for your visits, the computer was down for awhile.