Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a quarter century

I stopped by Staples on Monday after work to pick up new folders for my courses. I haven't yet hit on the ideal folders to keep each course's materials together just the way I like.

Boy, did I walk into chaos. The line for the register went clear to the back of the store. If I hadn't really wanted those folders, I'd have come back another day. And I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what the run on Staples was all about.

Then, as I wove through the line toward the back of the store, as I saw kids too, and checked out their purchases, it dawned on me:

It's back-to-school supplies-shopping time!

And then it dawned on me further:

This is the first August in roughly 25 years that I haven't had to do the whole back to school rush of supplies, backpacks, and clothes.

The first time.

In 25 years.

No back-to-school shopping.

Dudes. I finally made it.

I'm free!

On another note:

Is it proper for someone in a motorized wheelchair to motor their chair past everyone standing in line and jump on the first open register, ahead of everyone who has been standing there fucking-forever?

I mean, is there any reason they can't stand sit in line with the rest of us and wait their turn?

Or is that just totally un-pc of me?


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