Tuesday, August 26, 2008

exiled on main street

So I'm assuming most people are familiar with a show called My Super Sweet Sixteen...even if they've never watched won't admit to watching it. We love to hate those self-absorbed, selfish little twats with everything we have, while still watching, fascinated by the lavish, obscene spending for their "coming out" party. It's like the train wreck you can't stop watching.

Well, the network has one-upped that series with something called Exiled.* Exiled takes some of those sweet sixteens, a couple-of-years- and-not-a-whit-wiser-or- less-materialistic later, and sends them to third world countries.

I was curious enough to watch the preview episode that introduced the kids and mentioned the places to which they would be exiled. In introducing the girls, parents were interviewed and the common theme among them was the following passive voice:

Little Susie was spoiled; she has no idea of the value of a dollar or what it takes to earn it, and she does nothing around the house, not even making her own bed. So she's being sent to Bora Bora, so that she can finally learn some values.

I'm sure you all know where I'm headed with this.

What the parents should have said:

I spoiled little Susie rotten, didn't make her do a bloody thing growing up, handed her everything she ever wanted, and created a fucking monster. Now that monster is out of control and I'm going to send her to some other country and expect them to teach her the values I cheated her out of by not doing my job as a parent and teaching them to her when she was little. On top of that, I'm going to let MTV exploit third world countries and further erode US relations abroad by sending them the worst that the US has to offer -- my sniveling, whining, rude, obnoxious, ethnocentric, selfish brat.

Way to go there, mom and dad. You should be proud of what you've accomplished, raising your kid so successfully. Really.

Tumbling Dice, from Exile on Main Street.

Loving Cup:

I used to have this album, back when there were albums. I never replaced it with the cd version.

*Does anyone else remember when MTV just ran music videos 24/7, with the original VJ's? Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, JJ Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Martha Quinn? Now that was MTV.

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