Wednesday, August 27, 2008

everyday people

There is a post office at the corner of Varick and King in the city. Every day that I exercise walk from work to penn station, I see a man standing at the entrance. He holds the door open for those entering and exiting, shaking a styrofoam cup of change in his hand. He is pleasant and smiling always, with a have a good day on his lips whether the passerby drops change in his cup or not. Tall and thin, dark brown skin, greying short black curly hair.

Since he's been there every odd day I've walked by, I assume he makes a daily routine of this. I wonder he unemployed, is he a minimum wager trying to pick up a little extra ('cause we all know you can't pay the rent on m.w. in nyc)? How much does he actually pull in with his little gig? Apparently enough to make it worth his time.

I don't believe he is homeless, though, unless that's a fairly new condition for him -- he doesn't have the leathery skin and cracked hands that people have when they are subjected to the elements 24/7/365.


I walked a little extra today, going to times square instead of stopping at penn station. I moved toward a seat between two people and some bitch actually scooted over to take up two seats so that I couldn't sit there. I stood there long enough to give her the evil eye -- not that she would actually meet my eyes, she wasn't stupid enough for that -- then took a spot on the end next to a door.


Later I noticed a guy standing (there were no seats available) with three large trays, and one smaller tray, of deli sandwiches stacked on top of each other. He held them with one hand, over his shoulder, using his shoulder to help carry the weight. Delivery, perhaps?

Then I noticed the other guy with him, a big sack of packaged food items on the floor between his feet (typical for people carrying things on the subway). They were both wearing business caps, and I tried to look without seeming to look.

Mendy's. Must have been the one on 34th street. Making a delivery. On the subway. Looked like someone was having a party. They got off at 79th or 86th, I wasn't watching that closely. So someone uptown had Mendy's tonight. 'Cause Mendy's delivers. On the subway.

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