Wednesday, June 18, 2008

oh so peaceful here

I visited my last place of employment yesterday, said hello to past colleagues, had a great lunch with the office staff, my former boss, even my 'replacement.'

We had a long, lovely, leisurely lunch at Emilia's on Arthur Avenue in Little Italy, the Bronx. The boss ordered hot and cold antipasto plates, fried calamari, and red wine (I know I never drink, but I actually had a small glass). I had the grilled salmon over arugula, and the bomba for dessert.

Everyone I said hello to while visiting the campus told me I looked great (despite the fact that I've gained noticeable weight since I left). The descriptor the vice president used was 'peaceful.' You look so peaceful, he said, teaching definitely agrees with you. It's funny, even with the stress of the impending licensing exam and other responsibilities, loving what you do does make a difference. How fucking lucky am I!

It was a lovely day, and I started and ended it with a 1.5 mile walk to and from the campus, for a 3 mile round trip, with lots of hills. Boy, my legs were wobbly by the time I got home. I've been eating more carefully this week and easing into exercise, and I've dropped 2.5 pounds. Now I just have to keep it up. All summer.

I picked up this for strength training:

Can I just say, OMFG! That's a hefty workout that'll kill you or make you stronger.

After that great lunch, I stopped by the library on the way home (well, it's right next to the train station) and picked up some more cd's to rip. I noticed a sign that gave apologies for the 'limited' cd availability, citing the expense of theft as the reason for not offering more. How sad, when you can take the cd's home and rip them for your own, to steal them instead.

But you'd never know the collection was limited, given what I found:

Paul McCartney, Tripping the Live Fantastic
Fleetwood Mac, Live at the BBC (this is the original FM of the late 60's, with Peter Green, not the one we know)
Andrea Bocelli, Amore (I love his voice)
The Beach Boys (I love a good compilation)
Classic Rock of the 70's (just for the hell of it)
The Rolling Stones, High Tide and Green Grass
Bonnie Raitt, Silver Lining
John Mayer, Continuum (the rugrat hates him, but I don't)
The Best of the Monkees (from my saturday morning kid shows, what's not to like...and it came with 5 karaoke songs)
Rickie Lee Jones (a blast from my past, bringing back memories...chuck e.'s in love, yanno)
Harry Belafonte and Friends (I just like him)
The Traveling Wilburys Collection (too fine)

And after all that eating and walking, I needed a nap when I got home!

From the title -- Kenny Rankin, Oh So Peaceful Here:

In the mornin fun when no one will be,
Drinkin anymore wine
I wake the Sun up,
By givin him a fresh share
full of the wind cup

And I won't be found in the shadows hiding,
I can wait for fate, to bring to me,
Any part of my tomorrow....tomorrow

Cause it's oh...oh so peaceful here
No one bendin over my shoulder
Nobody breathin in my ear.
Oh uh oh... it's oh so peaceful here

In the evening shadows are callin me
And the dew settles in my mind
And I think of friends in the yesterday
When my plans were giggled in rhyme

I had a son while on the run
And his love brought a tear to my eye
And maybe some day he might say
That I'm a pretty nice guy...Oh Oh my

Cause it's oh...oh so peaceful here
No one bendin over my shoulder
Nobody breathin in my ear.
Oh uh oh... it's oh so peaceful here

Yeah, I know Helen Reddy did it too, but I like this version better.


fellahere said...

I love looking at the CDs list you get from the library. They always bring me memories. I just was looking into the Fleetwood Mac album since I hadn't heard of that one.


Spring said...

The FM is a good one! I find some of the best stuff at the library.

I just found out last night that I'm not actually supposed to be ripping those library cd's to my 'puter.

I thought it was ok to make one copy for my own personal use.

So, I guess this means I won't be ripping any more cd's, huh. ;)