Friday, June 20, 2008

merry menopause, or the menopause blues

I've been lucky so far, the symptoms haven't been severe. No hot flashes, and I still have a libido. I do have some serious problems sleeping, though -- not night sweats, just interrupted sleep.

But the low mood swings are getting lower. I'm sitting here now feeling like I just want to sink into bed, curl up into a ball, and cry like a baby. But I'm fighting it, I'm fighting it.

It doesn't help that right now I'm also dealing with that whole 'loving that my kid's graduating and becoming an adult, but damn it'll be lonely around here when she's gone' syndrome.

So in an attempt to find some humour in the situation, I searched youtube for a funny menopause video and found this:

And this:

And menopause parking:

And global warming:

But the best is Cybill Shephard:

OK, I feel better now. :)

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