Monday, June 02, 2008

hear ye, hear ye

And so, the rugrat will not go to college this fall.

Last night, as she was regaling me with just how much she hates school, I realized that she didn't really want to go to college at all. She wants to be a fashion designer, but she thinks she can do it without college.

But the thing is, even if I just send her part-time, I'm forcing her to take out student loan debt for something she doesn't even want. And if she doesn't want to be there, what are the chances that she'd actually get good grades, or want to go back in the future.

Her choice is to work full-time, and she'll be 18 -- so it's her decision to make.

Yes, I was concerned about medical insurance. It turns out she's covered for another year, until she's 19. After that, if she goes back to school full-time, I can get her back on medical until she's 23.

Of course, I'm counting on her taking a year off and then miraculously realizing how important college is and wanting to go back. Obviously I understand that it might not happen that way, but what the fuck, a mom can hope, can't she.

And maybe, if she's working and moves out on her own, she'll be financially eligible for medicaid, or financial aid for school. Who knows.

But for now, I've told the school that she's deferring enrollment until fall 2009. That'll keep her from having to reapply or take the placement exams all over again.

And it puts this whole debate off for a year.

So, this former welfare recipient and minimum wager, who went to college at age 30 and worked her ass off to become a full-time college professor, has two rugrats who want nothing to do with college.

Go figure.

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Sen said...

My sister didn't go to college. She admitted the only reason she would be going, was to be able to party (oh, the days when you were legal at 18!) which she was doing anyway. It was the right decision for her. She worked, and worked, and through the years has taken courses when she wanted or needed to. She doesn't regret skipping college.

I was in school on an almost full scholarship, and had a full time job so I could send money home. My first week of school, my mother called... the place I had worked over the summer had called and offered me a full time job. No... I needed my education! Four years and a degree later, I accepted a job making $3000 less a year than I would have had I taken it.

Sigh... don't worry. She'll turn out just fine. :)