Friday, June 13, 2008


Gosh. It's been awhile. Outside of making my presence known at work and prepping for the rugrat's graduation festivities, I have been reveling in books for the last two weeks. Literally staying up till 3 in the morning reading, then starting all over again the next afternoon.

I've read these:

And these:

And these:

I'm going to start on these this weekend:

And I bought these last weekend:

I've actually read a few of the chekov short stories over the last two days, waiting for the train, for rugrat's recognition ceremony at alternative school to start, waiting for the rugrat's eye doc appointment to end, etc.

And this looked good just in terms of another clinical perspective; I thought it might be something that I could pull from for my social work direct skills course.

And yes, all this reading means that I'm only studying sort of half-heartedly for the licensing exam so far. But I think the reading for pleasure has been fucking good for my sanity -- it's definitely clearing my head after this crazy academic year. It's felt so damned good to lose myself in books again!

Re: the LMSW exam, I decided to pay the $100 to attend the professional organization's all day prep course, scheduled for saturday the 28th, so I'll start studying in earnest this coming monday and then do the prep course, then take the exam the monday after the prep course. It's tough man, really tough. But maybe my mind will be more clear and ready with another weekend of rest.

I've been dealing with some serious teary-eyed angst with the rugrat's birthday, senior prom, and graduation stuff. But I think that's for another post.

I've also decided that if I can find an affordable place in the city (like maybe around the washington heights area) I'll move down there next summer. Rugrat will be 19 and should be able to handle being on her own by then, and me being in the borough will eliminate the metro north train ride that doubles my commute time (but still leave me close enough to the rugrat to be there if she needs me). I may be force to settle for a studio given the cost of rent, but it'll be in the city. I'm actually already looking forward to it. Yeah, I'm just a city girl at heart.


Ony said...

Isn't it great to get lost in a book (or 20) every so often? It gives you some time away even if you're grounded.

I think a studio in the city is worth it for everything you get back.

I'll be sending good study vibes.

Spring said...

I loved that reading time, but darn it, it's back to studying for that licensing exam. :(

I'm very excited about moving into the city, and rugrat is getting really excited about getting her own place too. It helps that I'll be downsizing my own place, which means she'll get lots of furniture and other good stuff.