Sunday, June 22, 2008

the girl-woman

--She worked hard, and paid for the tickets -- $150 a couple.
--She helped her boyfriend pay for his tux.
--She made her own dress.
--She made a vest for her boyfriend to match her dress.
--She cut her boyfriend's hair.
--She spent $35 on her own hair, and forked over a $15 tip to the stylist.
--And she did it all while working 30+ hours a week.

I took pity on her Friday, when it became apparent that she was stretched to the limit. I spent my Friday, Saturday, and much of Sunday helping her with things like hemming, alterations to her dress, buttons and buttonholes. Since she didn't get home from work till midnight, I would do some things for her while she worked, and then we would work together till about 3 am.

The living room quickly began to look like a garment factory, with bits of thread, errant pins, pattern pieces, and fabric taking up what space wasn't occupied by the sewing machine and the iron/board. But I let it ride without complaint. It was a big day for her, and she wanted things to be perfect. I let them be.

And then I watched my rugrat this evening, as she headed off to her senior prom.

My rugrat who is really a young woman.

A young, beautiful, responsible woman.

I'm not a britney fan, but the song fits...

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Sen said...

Your young, beautiful, responsible woman has an amazing mother. She may not always tell you how much she appreciates and loves you, but she always feels it, and will always remember. *hugs*