Monday, June 23, 2008

the anticlimax

They walked in the door at midnight, which meant they'd left before the prom was over.

It wasn't the fancy schmancy deal that you see on the telly. Seems most of the guys wore suits, but not tuxes. And the girls wore dresses right out of their closets -- most didn't wear anything specially purchased for the prom. Rugrat (and her bf) was (were) the best-dressed there. And apparently the highlight of the evening was the compliments about her dress.

Other than that, it was a series of unfortunate mishaps and accidents. Drama with a sometimes girlfriend; getting her heel caught in her dress and ripping the bottom hem in the front; no professional photographer, meaning no professional prom photos; only techno music played all night, meaning no rap, hip-hop or reggaeton (rugrat's favs).

Add to it all that the school deliberately holds the dance on a Sunday evening so that the students can't go out and party afterward. Even in NY, most places to eat close by midnight on Sundays, and after-hours clubs do too.

So they came home to change clothes, and then they planned to go hang out at the bf's home turf with some of his friends. That is, until she laid down on her bed while her bf changed his clothes. That's when she crashed. The last few nights with no sleep caught up with her. So here I sit watching the telly with her bf while she sleeps it off (exhaustion, that is).

Poor baby worked her heart out, and forked over some major hard-earned cash, for this night. And she seemed so...I don't know, disappointed doesn't quite cover it...she was listless when she got home...sad, forlorn.

You all know how it sucks when the looking-forward-to was much better than the actual doing.


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WistfulWench said...

Man! I feel so sorry for her.... What a bummer to plan, and expect, and then get *blah*.