Friday, May 16, 2008

it ain't cheap to be a professional

Professional license: $270 (renewals every three years: $155)

Official transcript fee: $6.15

ASWB study guide: $33.00
Additional study guide: $131.95 (because I failed a sample test...miserably)

Cost of time spent studying: about two weeks at full-time pay

Test fee: $175.00 (not yet paid -- and which I can't take until the licensing board approves me, which means I won't likely have two opportunities to take the exam prior to fall semester, which means I absolutely have to pass the first time)

But pressure.

David Bowie, Under Pressure:

Kick my brains around the floor
These are the days
It never rains it pours

1 comment:

ladyk73 said...

You will have to let me know what to study!!!!!