Friday, May 23, 2008

I see a new soundtrack in my future

Dudes, I just finished watching Across the Universe on pay-per-view.

Can I say it was awesome?!

When I first heard about it, it didn't speak to me. Wasn't the least bit interested. Then I heard the director, Julie Taymor, being interviewed on some talk show, and saw a few clips, and thought hmmm, might have to give it a try.

I also don't typically like covers, I like the original music. Every time. Well, almost. But I actually like the arrangements of the songs in this.

Well, I literally stayed put on the sofa through the entire movie. And when I watch a movie at home, my attention span is pretty short. Or more accurately, I'm easily distracted by things that need to be done. But not with this one.

I'll be looking for the soundtrack tomorrow.

One of the most moving scenes, visually and aurally, was Let it Be:

Speaking of soundtracks, I just realized I'd abandoned the soundtrack of my life after only two parts. I'll get back to that this weekend.


onehotchic said...

My mom loves this movie!!! Its one of only two (the other being Dreamgirls) that she owns on DVD.

Btw, I'm in love... I bought a Zen yesterday.

Sen said...

I've yet to see the movie, but I said this on May 15th at that other place...

"Right now, my heart stops and my stomach drops from Evan Wood's rendition of "If I Fell". I know... singing the Beatles is blasphemy, and it's not like she is known to be a singer, but...

With her voice, with this rendition, the song is a plea. She is truly begging. I shiver when I hear it."

Pay-per-view, you say? I'm running to check the schedule...

Spring said...

Whoo, hot chick's in my blog!!

Now I'm not a big beyonce fan, so dream girls was just ok for me, except for jennifer's song. But I really liked some of the renditions on this movie, and I'm not sure why. But I'm thinking of watching it again quick before my 24 hour pay per view runs out. And yeah...Zen...loooove!! :)

Sen, hello again! Yep, ERW's rendition of If I Fell is a close second to Let It Be. I'm actually thinking of using the let it be video next fall in two of my classes, when we begin to learn about comparing and contrasting key points in social issues. It would be perfect.

Part of what I liked about the beatles was the harmonies, so I didn't always pay close attention to the lyrics and the meanings behind them. So hearing the lyrics in (some of) the movie's contexts gave them meaning that they hadn't previously had for me.