Thursday, May 01, 2008

fubar -- to the nth degree

So, the rugrat has applied to, and been accepted by, the local community college. She starts in the fall.

No problem, one would think. As a single parent family, rugrat should be eligible for federal grants to cover tuition. Right?

Oh, so wrong. So very, very wrong. Because I make -- get this -- too much fucking money.

So despite the fact that my adjusted gross income is still a couple of grand below 50K...

And despite the fact that we live in downstate new york (not exactly easy on the pocketbook)...

And despite the fact that my own student loan debt is roughly 138K...

I have to come up with about 5K per academic year for tuition, fees and books.

And that's just for the first two years at a community college. It'll be worse if she goes to a four-year college afterward.

Scholarships? Based on academic merit (she's average, but not stellar in the grade department) or financial need (which the financial aid office already determined was nil).

Where the fuck am I supposed to come up with that kind of money on top of my own maintenance of matriculation fee every semester to keep me in half-time student status while working on the MFD, the licensing fee for my professional license (ok, that's covered by a kind benefactor), the fee to take the exam for the professional license ($175), the study guides to pass the test the first time so that I don't have to pay to take it again, rugrat's 18th birthday gift, rugrat's high school graduation gift, the cv joints/axles on the car...

So, does the rugrat, at the tender age of 18, incur student loan debt for a freakin' community college?

Apparently so.

Like I said...



fellahere said...

numbers beyond my comprehension.

tulsa said...

How much money/assets does she have in her own name? I've heard (and have come to believe, from personal experience) that the more money the child has in their name, the more likely they are to NOT give the kid money.

In other words, it might be worth transferring any money she has in her bank account into yours before doing FAFSA next year.

My (federal) loans were 3500 my first two years, and 5k for my last year, which covers my tuition (thank god for low NC 4 year tuition), but it still sucks.

One of my best friends, who gets no support for parents, makes it through by working 3 jobs and a few scholarships, as well as loans. And she ended up paying over a thousand in taxes this year.

The system is fucked up, and I'm sorry that she's getting screwed by it.

Also - things will get better. I haven't been commenting much, but I'm definitely reading and trying to do some kind of secular prayer equivalent in your name.

Spring said...

yeah...beyond my comprehension too.

tulsa, nice to see you. The rugrat has absolutely no assets in her name at all, nor do I have any for that matter. I don't even get child support for her. This is just based on our earned income.

She can live with me if she goes to school and I won't make her pay rent, but it's still going to be 5k minimum for each year of community college.

The biggest problem is if she decides not to go to college, she loses my medical insurance but won't be able to afford any of her own. With her HPV and cervical biopsies, she needs ongoing medical insurance.