Thursday, May 08, 2008

almost cut my hair

It happened just the other day.

Or more specifically, not last night, but the night before.
24 robbers came knocking at my door.

No, really. All puns aside, I chopped my hair. How much? Well, I used to be able to pull it back into a nice french twist. Now I can barely manage a very short, untidy ponytail.

It's what I do when I gain weight. My face and neck get very chubby. Chipmunk cheeks. And after checking out the passport photo I had to get last week for that professional license application, I saw those cheeks and sort of fell apart.

And as per my usual m.o., rather than lose the weight so that I don't look like Alvin, Simon and Theodore's long-lost sister, I start messing with makeup and hair instead in an attempt to camouflage those cheeks. That typically entails chopping at my hair in a major way.

Usually, it comes out looking halfway decent. But today, after a somewhat humid day, I caught a glimpse of myself in a window on the way home and thought damn, who took the weed whacker to my head. It's bad...really bad.

It's going to take a long time to grow this mess back out. And a lot of will power to not hack at it even more in an attempt to 'fix' it.

Completely apropos of nothing, I saw someone on the subway with a shopping bag with this on the side:

I'd never heard of it before, but I like the logo.

I listened to this on the way home:

Believe it or not, I actually like Tom Jones.

And from the title of the post, CSNY (ok, without the Y):

When I finally get myself together
I'm going to get down in that sunny southern weather
And I find a place inside to laugh

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