Saturday, April 05, 2008


It's 8:57 pm. I need to read a student's paper, as I promised her I'd proof it and give her feedback. It's due Thursday, so I really need to do it today so she has time to make any changes.

I need to make a few minor changes to my proposal and send it back to the chair. Should take about an hour.

I need to finish the powerpoint presentation and practice.

Yet I've done nothing all day. Well, not nothing. I've washed the sheets, blankets, and sofa cover. Vaccuumed the house. Done a few loads of dishes. Brewed two pots of my decaf iced tea with splenda. Done my nails. Made my fav potato/onion/meatball casserole and had two servings. Even emptied the ice cube trays into the cube bin and refilled them.

What else can I do to avoid doing what I know I need to do? Watch Yul Brynner in the Magnificent Seven, that's what.

You all just might get an hour-by-hour blogging series between now and Monday that demonstrates once and for all my inability to face this particular challenge in my life.

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ladyk73 said...

It is so scary! And this is completely normal way of dealing with it.

Take a deep breath, drink some go- go juice, and do one paragraph at a time.

Then I am going to try to do the same. :0)
I hope you have better luck than me!