Wednesday, April 16, 2008

in which I have 'made it'

I have made Rate My Professors dot com. And no, I can't link you, as this blog is pseudonymous (ummm, that means I'm not really, really).

But all two students said really cool things about me. And I am not complaining (even on the heels of giving a fifth zero in my intro class for plagiarism). 'Cause this rocks.

Yes, it's Barry (Manilow, not White). So I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and smarmy. What's it to ya?


Dean said...

That's pretty good considering the plagiarism hit list you had.

ladyk73 said...

One of my profs have us submit papers to turnitin dot com. It automatically looks for plagerism. Did you use that?

Spring said...

Yeah, it made me feel pretty good.

ladyk, no, I just google a sentence from the paper and find it right away. Doesn't take more than that.