Saturday, April 05, 2008

in which I have failed before I have begun

So my proposal defense is on Monday. I'm making a couple of minor changes to the measures section for the committee chair, then focusing this weekend on preparing the powerpoint presentation and practicing it to be sure it doesn't go longer than 20 minutes.

Passing a defense can happen in a couple of different ways:

Accept as is
Accept with minor revisions
Accept with major revisions

Almost no one ever gets accepted as is, and no one should be rejected outright if they have a good chair. So it's the two in the middle that are a possibility.

Accept with minor revisions means I just make the revisions and they all sign off on it.

Accept with major revisions means I have to re-defend the proposal all over again.

The second committee member just sent me -- just today, two days before the defense -- a list of her concerns about my proposal.

I can't fix them before the defense.

And there are too many to be called 'minor.'

Which means she just bought me 'major revisions.'

'Scuse me while I go cry.

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ladyk73 said...

WTF.....Two days before? What a bitch