Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round

Sitting at home on a Friday night. Put in a full day today, didn't get home till almost 9 pm. Rugrat is out with friends for the evening. I, on the other had, don't have a life, so I am watching Numbers on the telly, eating frozen pizza and a costco blueberry muffin.

I have to be back at work at 9 am tomorrow (that's right, on a Saturday) to do a teaching observation of an adjunct faculty person who only teaches Saturday mornings. I'll take advantage of being at the office and spend the rest of the afternoon grading papers, preparing a quiz for Monday, and typing up two teaching observations in preparation for meeting with the adjuncts next week.

Thanks to everyone, commenters and emailers, for the kind words about the MFD fiasco. I'm slowly recovering. Still a bit shell-shocked, but mostly trying not to think about it at all -- at least not until the semester is over.

Because I won't be finished with the MFD this summer as planned, I have to take another avenue to obtain a terminal degree in my field. I need to have that terminal degree before fall semester due to a technicality.

As luck would have it, the college system I work in has two options for terminal degree consideration for the social work degree: the doctoral degree, or the MSW with a state license (LMSW). Since I won't have the doctoral degree in time, I am now preparing to study for the state licensing exam.

I'll study hopefully over spring break, and take the exam after the semester is over. With luck, I'll pass the first time I take the exam, 'cause that freakin' exam is $270 big ones, not counting study materials. On the positive side, the pass rate for first time test-takers is 80%, so the odds are in my favor. And I've always been good at tests, so keep your fingers crossed.

John Lennon: Watching the Wheels

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