Monday, March 24, 2008

and the universe said...

Let's give her a new job, complete with regular evaluations and multiple hoops to jump through for tenure.

Let's give her a dissertation to complete, with unending rewrites and a 20 minute powerpoint presentation to prepare for the actual defense, and a fourth, outside reader who isn't available for defense day which results in rescheduling the previously scheduled defense and means that now five faculty must come up with a mutual defense date that doesn't interfere with anyone's teaching schedule.

Let's give her a rugrat who is in a serious case of senioritis and is in danger of not graduating due to attendance.

Let's give her just enough salary to make said rugrat completely ineligible for federal Pell grants for college despite not even tipping the scale at $50,000 annually in New York.

But that's not all.

No, that's not all.

Let's give her the flu, and start with chest congestion so thick that she'll feel like she's vomiting when trying to cough it out to avoid potential pneumonia setting in, and a throat so raw that each cough becomes excruciating, and then add in sinuses so full that even her gums and teeth ache, and let's give it to her on a holiday when she's supposed to be grading papers and working on her MFD but can't stay awake with the meds long enough to get anything meaningful done.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Our work here is done.

(photo mine, lunar eclipse)


fellahere said...

Nice photograph, though.

Dean said...

It's time to kick a little rugrat ass. Senioritis won't be as fun the second time around.

Get well soon.

SmellsLikeSnake said...

If it makes you feel any better I learned a new word "Senioritis" - don't have that word in the UK although I recognize the condition from the description in Wikipedia.

Ditto on the get well soon.

ladyk73 said...

The universe did not do this...

Academia did this! Academia is evil! Although we both know how much we like the abuse!


Bear Able said...

dont know if you are familiar with Doglas Adams and the HitchHikers Guide to the universe trilogy, but seems like you have run across the effects of the "infinite improbaability drive" where once the improbable odds of some perposterous combination of events are set into the drive, said combination then happens.
Hope youre feeling better and less stressed soon! Hugs!