Thursday, February 28, 2008

the way we were

The young man followed me to my office to get a copy of the course syllabus. He'd been in my class last semester as well, so there was a comfort level there that is only present when you 'know' a student a bit better.

He was confident in his looks, having done a bit of local modeling. A sort of all-over short dread lock thing going on, smooth, medium brown skin, nice eyes. And he used his looks to flirt with the female professors and talk his way into or out of what suited his needs. Didn't get a paper finished? He'd manage to get an extension.

And no, it didn't work with me. I would allow his flirtation and was gentle with his ego, but work must be turned in on time in my class.

While I was busy finding the syllabus on my computer and printing a copy, he looked at the photos on display next to my desk.

Is this your daughter? he asked.
Yes, and her boyfriend.
She looks like you. She's darker, but her face looks like you.

Oh, is that you? said with surprise.
Yes, that's my high school graduation photo.
Wow, you were really hot.
Yeah, but then we all get old
, I laughed.
He laughed with me.

(yes, that's the photo)


Anonymous said...

You are, and were, beautiful.

fellahere said...

That is a beautiful photograph.