Monday, February 04, 2008

do i hafta?

Email from student, sent Tuesday at 5:30 pm, the day before the second class session for the semester:

Hello professor [firstname], my name is ***, i have your hum 101 classes on mon and weds. The book professions of social work is sold out, and i kno i am supposed to read the first chpt by tomorrow. I was wondering if i can make a few copies from your book, if necessary or you can email it back to this email address. Thank you, *** :-)!

My response:


It's 11:00 am on Wednesday, I just went down to the bookstore, and there are still 7 copies of the textbook on the shelf.

Professor [lastname]

The next day, at the end of class said student approaches me and the conversation goes like this:

STU: Hi, I'm ***.
ME: Did you get my response? There are texts downstairs in the book store.
STU: Yes, I bought it before class. But I have a question.
ME: Yes?
STU: Do I have to read the first chapter?
ME: You mean the chapter you were supposed to read for today?
STU: Yes, do I still have to read it?
ME: Does it say so in the syllabus?
STU: I guess so. But it's so long.
ME: It's not a particularly long chapter.
STU: Yes, it's really long.
ME: Well if you don't read it, I can guarantee you'll have problems answering the quiz questions from that chapter.
STU: Oh. OK.


Bear Able said...

ROFLMAO! Ah the future leaders of America, we are so screwed arent we? :P

Spring said...

Yeah, some of them anyway. I have mostly totally awesome students, but it's the ones like these that wind up in my blog somehow.

Do I still hafta read the the chapter? snort

Ladyk73 said...

Um...can you do my homework for me?


Anonymous said...

LOL! That made me laugh!!!!