Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and the conversation went a little something like this...

The young 20-ish man looked as though he would walk by her sitting on the bench waiting for the train, but he stopped.

Him: Excuse me, but can you spare a homeless person some money for dinner. I'm hungry.
Her: I'm sorry, I haven't anything. And it was the truth. She hadn't been to the bank.

Him: You sure? Not even some change?
Her: No, nothing. Because she also didn't typically hand money over to panhandlers.

Him, sitting down and lighting up a cigarette: Are you ok?
Her, coughing and gagging and making liberal use of an inhaler: I will be. Just a bit of asthma. She'd learned her lesson this time about running for trains in extreme cold. Did her in every time.

Him, motioning to the cig: Oh, is this bothering you?
Her: Well, the smoke is blowing away from me so it's ok for now. What kind of a moron lights up a cig right next to a woman gasping for breath and holding an inhaler, anyway?

Him: So where do you live?
Her, motioning with her thumb in the direction of the train: That way. Yeah right, like I'm gonna tell you where I live.

Him: So you work in the city?
Her: nods head
Him: Where? And where do you live?
Her: I live a couple of stations away, and I work downtown. I'm not telling you where I live, for fuck's sake.

Him: You have beautiful eyes.
Her: Thank you. Yet again, someone uses my eyes because they want something.

Him: Where are you from? Are you from Germany?
Her: No, I'm not.
Him: I had a girlfriend with blue eyes once.
Her: says nothing. My eyes are green, dude.
Him: Where are you from? Norway?
Her: I have no idea.
Him: I always think of people with red hair being from Norway or some place like that.
Her: says nothing. Norway??? Norway??? What about Ireland, dumbo.

Him: I can't believe I didn't do any drugs today and somehow I still wound up broke.
Her: looks at him and smiles. Wait a minute, you do drugs and you're asking me for money???

Him: I had 8 bucks on me, and I only ate chinese food. I think that guy at the chinese restaurant ripped me off.
Her: looks at him and smiles. Wait a minute, you ate? And fucking Chinese food? And you're asking me for money! Know what I ate today? A little salad. And some orange slices. And I went to the fucking gym and worked off 400 calories. I'm so hungry my hands are shaky. And you're asking me for money for food?!

Him: Well, I think I'll go wait inside, it's cold out here.
Her: looks at him and smiles.

One day, my inner dialogue will come forth in an explosion. God help the person on the receiving end when it happens.


Bear Able said...

I woulda had some fun and "made up" that I lived in Peroria, and was an "Airian" who lived off the air and didnt believe in food, and was in NY on a sales trip for Amway to raise money for My kingdom hall back home, then asked if was familiar with the "watchtower". My guess is he woulda been going inside alot quicker...:P

Dean said...

It must be all those pictures of redhead Scandanavians in the media that made him think that way.

I used to give money to this one "homeless" girl in Harvard Square every day on my way to work...right up until the day I came upon her as I rounded a corner and saw her talking to someone on her CELLPHONE about how she was having trouble with her CAR.

I still manage to have compassion for the truly homeless...but people like this girl...and the other girl in the Square...the one who has somehow managed to remain pregnant for the last eighteen months...make it difficult. It's too easy to fall into mindset of "they are all lazy scammers."

ladyk73 said...

I never ever give money to anyone on the street. Because most of it is all BULLSHIT!!!!
As a future social worker, I am all about helping the needy....

I once gave a guy money when I lived in the south. He has a sign that said "no bullshit, I need $ for beer" or something like that. I gave him money.