Tuesday, January 01, 2008


You know how that old superstitious thing goes, about who you ring in the new year with being who you are with when the year ends...

Well, if you ring in the new year all alone, does that mean you'll be all alone again the next year?

Maybe that's why I'm still alone...I'm doin' it all wrong. I gotta get the guy to take me out on new year's eve, be with him at midnight, and then we'll surely be together for the year.

Yeah right.

I don't believe it either.


fellahere said...

Happy New Year!

I rung it in with nachos and a light wine.

Ladyk73 said...

I was writing a blog post!!!!!


curious said...

Well I'm feeling kinda dumb now... your blog was still here, just smushed down at the bottom. Sorry for the alarm, apparently my computer is squishing your blog!

I didn't do anything much for New Years except clean out a storage closet!

Spring said...

I rang in the new year with stuffed pie pizza and chocolate. And a major apartment cleaning that continued into the next day.

Happy new year, all!