Thursday, January 17, 2008

did i mention...

...that I was working on the MFD again? Yep, should have a final draft to send to the committee by this coming Monday.

Then again, I thought the draft last April was final, till committee member #2 forgot everything she'd told me to do the first few drafts and after I did everything she wanted she actually asked me why things were there after telling me to do them and so I had to change the whole fucking thing again.

But I have a deadline now. I have to successfully defend the proposal and the final dissertation in time to meet the August conferral date at my uni. So says the college that hired me. And where I want to stay employed.

On another note, I made a trip to the library again, for another bunch of cd's to rip and stash on my Zen.

This time around:

Blue Miles
Spin Doctors
Lady Sings the Blues (no, not Billie, believe it or not)
Larry Johnson
Simon & Garfunkel
Joe Cocker
My Chemical Romance
White Stripes
the Who
And a compilation of 70's hard rock hits a la blue oyster cult and uriah heep that I can't find online


Ladyk73 said...

Damn it...just get the MFD done!

It breaks my heart to see this process. Reading this blog has made me never wanting to get that Phd...

good luck

Spring said...

In all honesty, I made this process much more difficult than it should have been with my procrastination and and sheer laziness.

Ladyk73 said...


Did you say Procastination?
I am the Queen of Procastination!

Would you like to join my kingdom?
Maybe tomorrow? Or the next day...a year from now?


Bear Able said...

the thing to do is to uber procrastinate! you procrastinate the actual procrastination, to the point where what is being procrastinated is done before it can be ignored. Its all in how you look at it, and in this case inside skewed out seems to work best. ;)