Tuesday, January 08, 2008

all my friends know the low rider

You know the George Lopez sitcom on nick? There's a song they play when it comes on that I remembered from my high school years, but I couldn't quite place it at first.

I had to google it to remember the band that did that song: War. In 1975. Remember it?

All my friends know the low rider
The low rider is a little higher

The low rider drives a little slower
Low rider, is a real goer


Low rider knows every street, yeah
Low rider, is the one to meet, yeah

Low rider don't use no gas now
The low rider don't drive too fast

Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip and see
Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip with me

So I had it on my mind and was thinking that I should pick up that cd soon. And then yesterday on the way home from work I flipped into Barry White, and what do you know! He did a version of the same song. So there it was, Low Rider...the very song going through my brain relentlessly.

I wonder sometimes what people would think if they knew that the chunky 47 year old white woman with the grey roots ('cause I forgot to stock up on my dye) was groovin' to Barry on the mp3 while on the 2 train?

Here it is with War:

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Ladyk73 said...

I saw WAR in concert a few years ago...it was so cool! Just down the street from where I lived at the time!