Friday, December 21, 2007

working without a safety net car

Getting around without the car is fine when you can hop a train for the city. It's a bit more complicated when I'm hanging out at home.

The bloodwork on my calendar today meant a bus ride to/from the lab, on an empty stomach (it was a fasting test).

Then I stopped in the village to buy a second gift for the mother figure, 'cause I didn't think that a framed photo of rugrat's senior picture would satisfy her. And gawd knows I will bend over backward to satisfy her till the day she dies, to avoid the verbal fallout of not making her happy.

Then a stop at the post office to get a box to mail her gifts. The frame is 16x20, which requires a large box. Cause they can't seem to make a box larger wide and long without also making it freakin' huge in depth/height.

Then a stop at the deli for their $2 ham sandwich and a walk back home to finally eat.

After eating I found plastic carry bags big enough to take rugrat one's and the mother's packed boxes of christmas gifts and carried them back into town to the post office. They were heavier than I'd thought they would be. I could feel my arms and shoulders straining toward the end of the walk.

At the p.o., I had a minor accident lifting a box up to the counter that separated the nail of one finger from the nail bed. This entailed some minor bleeding. And remember, I'm on anticoagulants. So I'm trying to conduct business while ignoring the slowly seeping blood under the nail of my middle finger on my right hand.

Rugrat one's box was heavy (gifts for him, his wife, his stepson) and it cost $29 big ones to mail priority (so they'd get it by christmas). Then the mother's box. It was oversized, so they said there'd be an additional charge to send it priority. Meaning $30, despite the fact that it was less than half the weight of rugrat's box.

What, I almost shouted. You mean the box that you helped me buy an hour ago, knowing I wanted to send it priority? You didn't tell me when I spent $3.50 on the box that it would cost so much to send priority. Nah, that would actually have been helpful. So I had to send it regular mail, which means she won't get it for christmas, which means I get to listen to her complain when we talk on christmas day.

As this was happening, I shifted my body slightly which moved my boot, and I heard a crunch. I looked down, and the Zen earphones that I thought I'd tucked into my coat pocket were lying on the ground -- one of them under my boot. Yes, it's crunched, but it still plays sound, so I'll look for some superglue to put it back together.

After spending $53 to mail christmas gifts, I made my way to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities (still on foot). Then I carried the lot (gallon of milk, half dozen cans, mini-marshmallows, the cilantro that was highway fucking robbery at $2.59/bunch) home on the aqueduct trail. That would be an unpaved dirt trail that of course isn't shoveled, so the snow has melted to a solid sheet of ice.

Since I'm carrying a heavy bag and walking on ice, the strain on my hips to keep upright had me in a bit of pain by the time I got home.

Home to see that the mother's gift to us had arrived and been left by the postman between the door and the screen. I opened the box to discover that she had sent us candy. Candy from the diabetic who chooses not to control her food intake and is on medication, to the pre-diabetic who tries to control her food intake and get some exercise to stay off meds. How's that for an appropriate gift? And it wasn't her typical homemade candy either, it was cheap storebought stuff that I could have picked up myself if I'd wanted it in the damned house in the first place.

And instead of putting the candy in a plastic container to keep it fresh, she had put it on a flimsy christmas tray and covered it with a stack of paper towels, taping the paper towels to the tray underneath. So the candy not only fell loose all over in the box, it wasn't particularly fresh, and the paper towels were stuck to the candy in some spots.

Oh, and two more textbooks arrived in the mail today as well...both unsolicited. Guess I'd better get used to being bombarded with new textbooks every time I turn around.

Did nothing at all on the MFD.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with a heating pad on my right hip to ease the pain. Damn I hope I can stop taking this med soon.

I've posted this song before, but it has quickly become one of my very favorites. John Lee Hooker's Chill Out, with Santana on guitar. I played it through most of my walking today, over and over. Music doesn't get any better than Hooker and Santana.

Here's another one of them both. I don't have the recording of this one. It's good, but not as good as Chill Out.

OMG, and there's one with Hooker, Eric Clapton, and the Stones. Whooeee! Embedding has been disable for that one, so click here to see it.

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Ladyk73 said...

Please!!! Working on your MFD? It is x-mas time! You are allowed to goof off until Dec 26th. Really!