Thursday, December 27, 2007

whoo hoo, new music!

So I made a trip to the library for new music. Gotta love getting good tunes for free. I have to start taking my mp3 with me though, as four of the cd's I picked are already on my 'puter.

But, new ones:

Robert Johnson, the Gold Collection
John Lee Hooker, the Millenium Collection
Miles Davis, the Essential Plus
Jimi Hendrix, the Millenium Collection Smash Hits
Chick Corea, Akoustic Band
Ella Fitzgerald, the Best Of
Diana Krall, When I Look In Your Eyes

Yes, it was very blues and jazz focused this time. I'll probably go again Saturday before the doc appointment and switch these for some good old rock and roll.


fellahere said...

good list
good stuff

I haven't heard anything by Krall except on television appearances.

Spring said...

I haven't even listened to the Krall yet, I've been obsessed with John Lee Hooker.