Tuesday, December 11, 2007

this is not hollywood like I understood

So, it was the hard drive. Shot to fucking hell. It will be another three days before the new hard drive arrives and they can install it. In the meantime, I am writing with pen and pad, and trying to check emails at home. I mean, can you imagine the week before finals, and no office computer??!?!! I'll take my on-its-last-legs laptop in to the office with me tomorrow and try to finish my work for the week.

Things aren't helped by a return of the bloody week from hell. I started the semester bleeding nearly to death, and it appears I shall go out with the same bang. I am sorely tempted to just stop taking the anticoagulants right now, but I'm too fucking scared that the clot is still there. I keep telling myself 'soon...hang in there.'

My sections for next semester are full and still students are trying to get in. But it seems some of the students' flocking to me had more to do with my not knowing what was allowed in terms of sticking to my guns about absences and late assignments. They think me an easy, pushover prof. But that's ok, 'cause next semester all those students who signed up for my classes thinking it'd be a cake walk will have a very rude awakening.

Still on my Cranberries kick. This is Hollywood, from To the Faithfully Departed:

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fellahere said...

Laptops can be so problematic. The newest laptops have solid state memory chips for all the memory, so no moving parts at all! I am advising people not to buy a new one until they get the newest ones which will be common in xmas 2008.

Should we all still be here and viable at that time....

Take care.