Monday, December 24, 2007

holidays, schmolidays

I've never been much for the christmas holidays. In fact, if I didn't have the rugrat at home, I probably wouldn't even have put up the tree this year. But I did. And rugrat put the ornaments on.

And since rugrat's boyfriend couldn't come over on christmas day, and she wouldn't leave her mami all alone, he came over on christmas eve day and I made my homemade enchiladas. We'll heat leftovers tomorrow, but I'll make flan for dessert too.

Of course, life is boring around here, and she took off earlier for her bf's house and won't be back till midnight. So I sit here alone on christmas eve. Which I have no doubt will be the story of my life once she moves out.

She'll be with her bf on new year's eve as well, spending the night with his family. And so I suppose my plans will be to go to a movie. Or order a pizza and something on pay-per-view. Now that's excitement!


Beth said...

I sure would love to try some of your homemade enchiladas. :)

Spring said...

Hey, it's you! Glad to 'see' you. I have to admit, the enchiladas are pretty darned good.