Saturday, December 01, 2007

the final countdown, or how could it possibly get any better than this

We are in the final countdown to finals week. Ten days of class, and then two days of finals for my courses.

Today I had a student come in to my office (several actually, but I'm only talking about one here). I had to re-advise him for registration for spring, as there was a problem with a math course. I told him to let me know if he had any more problems trying to register. An hour or two later, I had the following email message in my inbox:

"Thank-you so much for your help in selecting my spring classes, everything went well and i look forward on being your student once again. I know an execellent professor when i see one, such as yourself. Your methods of teaching are of very good standards and i will let my fellow human services student know."

As a certain blogger once said, "It doesn't suck to be me."

Despite the countdown to the end, I'm already looking at some small 'fun' books to complement the text books for next semester. You know, something that fits with the text content but is more inviting to read than a text book. Something that they can compare/contrast with the text and discuss in a final reflection paper. And since there is now a Barnes and Noble right around the damned corner from campus (how cool is that), I shopped tonight after work to find just the right books.

The introductory course will read the Delaney sisters book 'Having Our Say.'

The two interpersonal skills courses will read Torey Hayden's 'One Child.'

The policy course will read Bell Hooks' 'Where We Stand: Class Matters.' And I already started reading this one tonight, couldn't put it down.

I've moved from Legends of the Fall for my cool down on the train to Celtic Woman. Actually, I listen to it most of the time when I'm not doing the walk/work out. It's an incredible CD.

But it includes what I consider to be about the most beautiful song of all time: Ave Maria. I'm not even religious, but I have always thought it an incredible song. And Celtic Woman's version is the most pure of all the versions I've heard. And I found it on youtube and couldn't help but put it here. It sounds just like how I have felt lately. Serene.

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ladyk73 said...

That video of that song is wonderful.

The MSW count down is here. I am near my wits end.

I am getting a C+ in one of my classes. If I don't get a b- I 'fail' and cannot continue. Only half of my classes are considered in this way.

So....I have a huge paper, and my prof is allowing me to rewrite one. Lets see if I pass....for all this work will be for nothing (much).