Monday, December 17, 2007

dance me outside

Last week I strolled into grand central to the sound of tchaikovsky's nutcracker. During the holidays, they do a light/music show every half hour in the evening, and I manage to hit the timing right fairly often. You can't help but feel happier at the end of the day with music and lights in a building as beautiful as the main room of gct.

Walking in last week and hearing the music for the first time reminded me of an annual event for rugrat and I -- until we moved to ny and could no longer afford the nutcracker.

In spokane back then the nutcracker was affordable -- about 20 bucks for me, and a child's rate was available for the rr. They had the alberta ballet co. come down, and spokane's symphony orchestra is nothing to sneeze at -- it's pretty damned fine. And so once a year a magical night was had by the two of us. Until our first year in ny, when we discovered just how pricy tickets were (now they are roughly $100/per for decent seats).

I happen to have a recording of tchaikovsky's nutcracker done by the london symphony orchestra on my zen, so I put it on and have been listening to it off and on (more on than off) since. My favorite song should be no surprise -- the pas de deux (you know...the pas de deux). When the orchestra hits those crescendos, and she leaps into his arms, it really makes my eyes go all teary.

I found this version on youtube:

I also found this -- not the pas de deux, but damn, look how good they are together. It literally looks as though he is guiding her every move with some invisible I-don't-know-what. She's like a puppet in his hands. It's rudolph nureyev, but I don't know who she is:

(dance me outside)

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