Saturday, December 29, 2007

bring on the new year!

I developed the blood clot in late June. So basically, I spent half of 2007 dealing with a serious health issue. To say it's been a struggle would not be an overstatement. I tried not to whine about it too much, but hey...I'm only human.


Whoo fucking hooo! The doc says I can stop taking the anticoagulant. I have to confess that I stopped taking it last night in anticipation of what I hoped she would say.

It hasn't helped my self-esteem much that one side effect of the anticoagulant was bleeding joints. It has kept me from regular visits to the gym, and even my attempts at daily walking were curtailed in November when my right hip and knee simply wouldn't cooperate and the pain became near intolerable.

Over the five months on the med, I gained about ten pounds. That may not sound like much, but it became one clothing size, which was quite disheartening considering my efforts at weight loss.

But Tuesday is a new year, and one that will be accompanied by healthier eating and some serious working out, anticoagulants! I have two smaller sizes of clothing packed in plastic containers under my bed to get back into, and I'll take no prisoners on my way.

Only one dim side to this -- I had to stop taking birth control pills, and I won't be able to take them again. The risk of another clot would be too great. Heck, who's to say that they didn't in some way contribute to the current former clot? So anyone that is worthy of my attentions in 2008 had better be prepared to live in condoms until I am well past menopause. Hey, I'm just sayin'. ;)

So, cross your fingers all, that once the anticoagulant leaves my system, the clot is gone as well.


Ony said...

I so remember the day I got off the blood thinners. I'm happy for you! Best of health and happiness in the year to come.

They primarily blamed my clot on my flying back from India when I was already so ill - but the nurses in the hospital were all over it being birth control. I was on Yaz at the time as was the other girl my age who'd been in a few weeks prior.

Spring said...

Yeah, my gp didn't know I'd been on birth control until she took me off the anticoagulant (my gyn prescribes the bc, and I forgot to mention it), but she freaked when she found out and agreed that I was right to stop taking the bc.

I know the literature tells us that there's an increased risk of blood clots, but we always seem to think that's a risk for someone else, not for us.