Friday, November 02, 2007

welcome to friday-ville

So, as I write, rugrat is stuck at a corner in ardsley with a flat tire. She called me frantic about a half hour ago, in tears. She'd pulled off of the main road onto a side road to get out of traffic,



she pulled into

a dead end road

with no fucking street sign.

And you know triple AAA, they don't go out without at least the intersection street names, and they prefer an address.

Eventually she calmed down, and it occurred to her to check the maps in our car (we have detailed ones for the county) and figured out what side street she was probably on.

So now she waits.

She's not my baby any more, is she?

I think I might cry.

UPDATE: As of 10:30, the AAA truck still has not made an appearance. They have called her and told her they cannot find her. She has been instructed to go to the edge of the highway to wait and watch for them. Her cell phone battery is almost dead. And I can't seem to concentrate enough to get any work done at the office.

Further update: 12:15. Her cell is dead, I can't reach her, and the AAA local station said they drove up and down the road looking for her and couldn't find her. They basically gave up, but no one called me to let me know. I called the local police to discover that local residents had taken the time to report a strange car parked on their street that didn't belong there, and it matched the description of our car. They were dealing with something else in the area and couldn't spare an officer to check on the car. Funny how not a single one of those residents bothered to see if the single young woman attached to the car needed assistance. But the cops gave me the street name and I called it in to AAA. At this point, she's been on the street alone for four freakin' hours.

Final update: 12:30. She called me from school. Seems she got tired of waiting for AAA and went walking toward the village. One block away around a curve in the road she found a gas station, asked if they fixed tires, and drove the car one block to the station to get it fixed (you can't see the station from the corner of the highway she stood at). Resourceful girl, she is. I'm just very glad that this happened during the day. At night, she would have been all kinds of unsafe where she was.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... I'm so sorry this happened to her. What a trooper for figuring out how to solve it. My heart goes out to you... there is nothing worse than knowing your baby might be in trouble and not being able to get there to help.

ladyk73 said...

Sounbds like she takes after her mom!