Sunday, November 25, 2007

it's up to you to clarify

Sitting here on a Saturday night. It's quarter to one. I am -- and have been all weekend -- avoiding work that I need to do for classes this week. I've managed to read three chapters and prepare a reading-study guide for each, but that's just for one class.

I have two more classes to prep for.

And emails to write to friends.

And responses to comments on both blogs.

But all week I find myself messing around on the computer, ordering movies on pay-per-view, perving on porn, eating, and taking endless cat-naps.

I just can't get my mind to focus on much of anything for more than a half hour. And now the vacation time is almost over.

(the title of this post is the fortune in the cookie I had yesterday after a dinner of sesame chicken and fried rice)

(photo taken by me at the bronx zoo july 2007)


ladyk73 said...

I am right there with you!!!!!

jenny14 said...


I think we all go thru those periods where we just can't focus on work :(

Hope it passes soon

Really LOVE the pic :)