Tuesday, November 13, 2007

for goodness sakes, look at those cakes

I would wonder if anyone ever drops by here anymore, except that the stats counter keeps going up. But hey, no worries. I can't seem to find the time to drop by myself anymore. Apparently once the semester begins, it is all teaching, all the time, 24/7, till finals week. But we are on the home stretch now. After this week, we have four weeks left in the semester. And yes, I'm counting down. And I will fucking party like it's 1999 when the semester is over, yeehaw!


These students still amaze me. Talk about resilience. This week, one that started out as a challenge at the beginning of the semester, has had quite a turn around. And I learned this week that he saw his dad kill his mom when he was three. Dad went to jail, he went into the foster system. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Wasn't long before he was dealing drugs on the street. How amazing that he is giving college a try. And doing remarkably well. He has some emotional growing to do, but I truly think he will succeed.


The faculty development workshops continue to give me such great ideas, and last Friday's was no exception. I decided I couldn't wait till next semester to implement this change, so I worked on something new over the weekend for two of the four courses.

I had my observation yesterday. I was completely stressed and panicked over it for about a whole week. I won't know how I did until the other professor writes up her notes and meets with me. But the eval is one of the major pieces through which the decision is made to renew contracts or not (the other pieces being student evals, service to the college, and ongoing professional development -- like these workshops).


The doc made a decision to keep me on the anti-coagulant for a couple more months. I need regular blood tests to be sure the med is at the right level in my blood. About a month ago, the level was too high, so we adjusted the meds a bit. Just lately, I'd been thinking my body was finally getting used to the meds as I wasn't bruising or bleeding so badly with every bump or scrape. But saturday's blood test revealed that the med level was too low in my blood, so now we have to adjust it again. But I figure it could be lots worse, so I just take 'em like I'm told to.

The doc told me to take a multi-vitamin supplement to help with the blood loss each month. It's been pretty bad, especially when you consider I was menopausal before this. I settled on Centrum silver, which has extra iron and a few other extras, and which also has a chewable form. Most multi-vitamins are freakin' horse pills and I hate taking horse pills.


I'm trying to keep up my walking. Last week I made it to GCT once (according to mapquest, it's 2.37 miles from my work), and the halfway point three times. It's hard to do the whole walk with my work schedule, so I at least aim for halfway. The halfway point gives me 35 minutes of brisk walking.

My leg muscles have decided to protest the sudden change from heels to flats. Maybe I should have made the change slowly, lol. Walking has been a bit of a bitch, with the muscle protesting from lower calf to about mid-thigh, especially my left leg. But I push myself anyway.

I had created a few playlists for my Zen before I started this job, but I hadn't used any of them yet. Last night, I clicked into one of them. Since a lot of you have been doin' the music thing, here's last night's playlist:

--Surrender, Cheap Trick
--Hello There, Cheap Trick
--For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes, James Brown
--Persuasion, Santana (very hard to keep up with)
--Don't Be Cruel, Cheap Trick (yep, the old Elvis tune)
--Oh Caroline, Cheap Trick
--Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, James Brown
--Everybody's Everything, Santana
--Jingo, Santana
--Get Up Offa That Thing, James Brown
--Everything's Coming Our Way, Santana
--Way of the World, Cheap Trick
--Same Old Song and Dance, Aerosmith
--S.O.S., Aerosmith
--California Man, Cheap Trick
--Sayin' it and Doin' it, James Brown
--Se a Cabo, Santana

There's just something about strutting down a NYC street to this:

Or this:


Anonymous said...

I still read you!

It's great to see you loving your job so much.

Ony said...

I read too. I was such a Alt non-commenter that I'm not sure how to break that mindset.

I'm sorry you still have to be on the anticoagulant. I had to stay on for a year so I feel you on that.

Off to sing Get Up Offa That Thing for the remainder of the day. :)

Ladyk73 said...

Did someone say cake?


Spring said...

Woo hoo! There are still some of you reading!! :D

Curious, it amazes me how good it is! I just hope that I don't wind up old and jaded the way some of the other profs are...

Ony, hello! Well, I figure it would be a whole lot worse without the anticoagulant, lol.

ladyk, actually, there was cake today, as rugrat made one for her bf's 21st birthday.